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Amiga Forum
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In English

Amiga Forum is a Swedish Amiga Magazine that is maintained and sold by Swedish User Group of Amiga (SUGA) for the benefit of both it's members and of all Amiga users in Sweden. This is the first Swedish Amiga magazine in printed paper since 2008.

Non-members can buy the magazine for a minor fee while members of the user group get it free of charge.

You can also advertise in Amiga Forum. The fee is 300 SEK (Swedish kronor, about 36 EUR or 44 USD), this equals the cost of printing 4 A5 pages in colour instead of black and white. One of these pages will be used for your ad. E-mail the editor (link at the bottom) if you are interested.

You pay through our Swedish bank account. You will get payment information when you e-mail us your intent to advertise.

We prefer if the ad is in the form of a picture (preferably a zip packed TIFF, or at least a high resolution JPEG). PDF works but then we won't be able to change the content (contrast and brightness for example).

The ad must have a obvious connection to the Amiga computer (classic or NG) or any one of it's sister projects (MorphOS, AROS, UAE, Natami etc). We don't accept ads like "John's Used Cars".

The ad can be in any language, but bear in mind that the only common language in Sweden besides Swedish is English. Not everyone understands German, French etc.


You can e-mail the editor with any questions (including advertisement) at, but replace spam with redax. The editor understands English.